Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The economy will boom when we are free of Brussels!

I am perplexed by Brexiteers.

The bulk of their public statements are an entirely irrational combination of “Project Fantasy” with the back up of “Project Shutup” when the fantasy is revealed. Trade deals, for example, take a long time to negotiate and US would be negligent in looking after the interests of its own people were it to de-emphasise its trade deal with the EU in order to pursue one with a newly Brexited UK. “We’ll do a trade deal with the US” is Project Fantasy. When the President of the United States pointed that out the Brexiteers moved to Project Shutup.

The IMF (foreigners who should stay out if it), the CBI (little more than an EU pressure group), the Treasury (government propaganda) and the OECD (more foreigners) are just a few of those saying that the British people would be much worse off under a Brexit.  Meanwhile Kate Hoey, a leading Brexit campaigner cannot give one example of a report showing Britain’s would be better off under a Brexit. 

But still there is the claim that the British people will be better off. Or, at least, not worse off. Or at least not very much worse off. 

And anyone who say different is biased. Or in the pay of the EU. Or scaremongering. Or interfering. Or...just shut up ok!

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